I got informed that my order is being back to the sender? What should I do?

If you order is being delivered back to me it could mean many reasons. Usually it means the address you provided at checkout was incorrect. If this happens you are responsible for re shipping your order to you with the correct address. If no action is taken you will be refunded for your items.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes! The carrier of your choosing determines shipping rates.


Do you cover internationally duty taxes?

I do NOT cover international taxes/VAT taxes. Please take account of this before placing an order.


 How to I exchange an item?

To exchange an item please email hayley@shoplovehayley.com I will assist you further on how to exchange!



Other Q’S

I need to change my address, how can I fix it?

Please email hayley@shoplovehayley.com asap! If your order is already processed and shipped I can no longer change the address.


I need to cancel my order, how do I?

No worries, it happens! You have 24 hours to cancel your order once placed here at Love, Hayley. You can email me at hayley@shoplovehayley.com to do so. However after that 24 hours I will not be able to cancel your order and it will be shipped to you.


How will I know if an item is going to be restocked?

Here at Love, Hayley a lot of clothing pieces & accessories are limited edition. Not all pieces are restocked unfortunately. To ensure you get something of your liking buy it will you have the chance!

Items that will be restocked will be announced on the Love, Hayley Instagram page @shoplovehayley


The item(s) that I received were incorrect/damaged?

I am so sorry to hear this! Please email hayley@shoplovehayley.com and give me a chance to make it right!